Farzan Tinati



Experience in client side and server side Javascript, back end Python with history of working in web development and building projects from scratch.
Skilled in Single Page Applications with Mithril JS, REST API development using Flask and Django, Nginx web servers, Computer Networks, Linux and some hands on experience with SQL databases such as SQLite, mySQL and postgress.
Uses Git, loves minimal frameworks, has a passion for the good parts of Javascript IOT, Arduino and block chain.
Is a self taught person, loves to learn new technologies and is a fast learner.


Front End

More than two years experience working with javascript and its frameworks.


NodeJS, Python


Proven ability to lead and manage a wide variety of design and development projects in team and independent situations.


  • HTML | CSS
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • VanillaJS| jQuery
  • Lodash
  • MithrilJS | Vue
  • PhantomJS | SlimerJS | CasperJS
  • Bootstrap
  • Polythene Material
  • Linux - Mint | Ubuntu
  • Networks | Cisco CCNA
  • WebServer | NGINX
  • Databases | SQL
  • VPS Management



Excellent command / highly proficient in spoken and written English


Native speaker / fluent


Native speaker / fluent


very good command



Fullstack Developer

05/2017 – Present

With experience in front end development using Javascript and server side development, started to build projects with Javascript SPA front end and REST API based Python back end.
Developed Linux usage skills to deploy projects and work more efficiently with Linux servers and implemented projects with simple data bases using mySQL and SQLite.
Created web scrapers and Telegram Messenger bots with python.


Web developer


Worked as a front End developer mainly using Javascript and was introduced to the Mithril JS framework and started to build single page applications using the framework.
Added new features to the platform and recoded the previous developed code to have a more scalable and more documented code.
Created UI tests for the new and existing features. He used various tools such as Selenium and finally built his own testing method using NodeJs and phantomJS. The method was a simple tester which recieved JSON input as the scenario and tested the UI using phantomJS and slimerJS.

Kamkar Systems

Head of network maintanence and Trouble shooting


Installed, configured and maintained a variety of Cisco and Huawei network routers and switches and was introduced to various telecom hardware.
Worked as the head of a network maintenance group and managed a team with 24/7 shifts and support.
Configuring and troubleshooting Cisco network equipment and implemented basic network configurations.


Web developer


Joined two friends in a 4 months old startup and continued a social media aggregator startup named Walltion in Istanbul Turkey.
Developed his Javascript, CSS and HTML skills and some expirience with PHP.
Expirienced the ups and downs of a strartup which succeeded to partner with IBM, Softlayer, Bluemix, Nasa Space Apps Challenge Organisation, Turk Telekom, Istanbul Technical University, ITU Cekirdek, Istanbul and Atolye Group.

Kariyer Mimari

Information Technology Instructor


With ESL teaching expirience he became a Cisco CCNA course instructor at the Kariyer mimari institution.


Informatio technology consultant


As self employed contractor, at first the role was to equip, install and maintain various networking devices and computers at the Tabriz Taliya office. Also to assist the staff with installation and usage of various software and utilities in the office.


Informatio technology consultant


Worked as an Information technology consultant for the network cable producing company and eventually worked in the research and development lab at Turkplast plastic production company. The main purpose of my role was to research and improve the production line and the products produced. Quality control and also to research new formulations for P.V.C production was another part of the job. At the time got familiar to Network Cable standards and its production and also the plastic industry's machinery operations and the manufacturing process.


Web developer


He started web design with creatig websites for customers with the help of Wordpress and later on by learning other technologies and tools, he used php and MySQL at the backend and HTML, CSS and jQuery at the front end to meet customer needs. As a need for a data logger in a telecom data room he used the open source Arduino project to build an Arduino from scratch and create a temperature sensing data logger which communicated with a desktop application impelemented in Visual Basic .Net to log the temperature and humidity of a telecom data room.


Shabestar University - Iran

associate's degree

Software Engineering

Azad University- Iran

Bachelor's degree

Mechanical Engineering

Farzan Tinati — hi@pharzan.compharzan.com